Our daily walk

Spectacular clouds during sunset at the local windmill.

Ever since the start of the corona measures in the Netherlands, which, incidentally is also since we moved and live in our new home, we’ve started taking daily walks. To compensate for the gym being closed and the loss of our 15-20 min bike ride to work, but also because it is a fun way to relax and get out of the business of work. Our goal is to reach the 10.000 steps each day. I usually win, as my watch is less conservative about what constitutes a step, but I think I also do make more steps in general. We are fortunate to live close to the edge of the city and have this view just a 5 minute walk away.

[snapshot] Zeevonk/Sea Sparkle at Katwijk

Sea Sparkle in the waves. Unfortunately there was too little Sea Sparkle to make it very spectacular, and too many people to make it very comfortable to be there. Fujifilm X-T4, XF16-55 mm f/2.8 at f/2.8 and ISO6400. Shutter speed around 1/10th of a second.

Yesterday a friend enthusiastically apped me that it was the perfect day (night) to go to the beach and photograph Zeevonk, or Sea Sparkle, a small sea creature that exhibits bioluminescence when disturbed. Never having seen the phenomenon in real life, I signed on to a late night trip to the beach.

Unfortunately, we were not alone. I guess half the local residents and a lot from places farther afield were there as well, in a swim, walk and disturb frenzy, hoping to see the beautiful blue glow appear. It was there, but not in very great quantities. Sometimes you could see a wave appear blue. Just as if it was lit up from below. Pretty enough, but not entirely spectacular. It was nice to see it for the first time though! And a nice place to test the X-T4.

I read a news article that the Sea Sparkle is appearing more often than before, so maybe again soon?

[Snapshot] Sunset in our back yard

Sunset at the Broekdijkmolen.
A vertical panorama of the Broekdijkmolen, a windmill 5 min walk away from our house. We were watching a series on TV when the light outside was changing. It is great to be able to get my gear, walk out the door, and still be in time to catch the beautiful moments.

Winter is coming..

Zoals ze dat zo mooi kunnen zeggen in Game of Thrones: Winter is coming!

Volgens de weerman gaat het vanaf vandaag weer warmer worden, maar gelukkig hebben we in januari toch nog 2 dagen gehad waarin het ietsje kouder was en waarin er in ieder geval wat wit spul op de grond heeft gelegen. Wat een verschil met vorig jaar. Toen lag er sneeuw met Sinterklaas en was het na half januari een maand lang wit op de straten..

Ondanks de kou heb ik toch mijn rondjes gelopen, en tegelijk wat foto’s gemaakt.







The Early Bird..

Geen tijd voor een heel verhaal, maar wel wat foto’s die ik deze ochtend genomen heb tijdens het hardlopen (geen goed idee, mijn verkoudheid vind het echter wel erg fijn, en nestelt zich nog wat beter). Ik maak er doorgaans geen gewoonte van om mijn camera mee te nemen tijdens hardlopen, maar deze keer beloonde het zich wel!

Sunset @ sailstream